Production and Installation of Precast Beams, Walls, Waterways, etc. in Chahbahar-nikshahr-Iranshahr Main Highway Project – Sections 5, 6 and 6B

ISections 5 and 6 of main Chahbahar-Nikshahr-Iranshahr (Bazman Intersection) is 33+154 km, located between 124+400 km and 156+000 km. Section 6B is 14+700 km and total length is 47+854 km with 11 meters width.

There are 126 bridges of different sizes from 2 m to 20 m. Perlite prefabricated and installed most of these bridges to make benefit from enhanced quality, observing high specifications and using variety of advantages of precast structures. To produce these structures, Perlite set up and equipped a workshop to precast concrete parts including two meter bridges, beams for 4 m, 6 m, 10 m and 20 m bridges, parapet walls, slab beams, diaphragm wall and diaphragm floor. Also abutment walls and bracket walls for some typical bridges up to 10 m span are among productions of this workshop, used for the first time in highway projects.

To this end, mobilization of concrete precast workshop was made to include special formwork, gantry crane, steam box, steam generator and required utilities. All concrete beams for bridges and some typical bridges from 2 up to 10 meters and even multi-span bridges including abutment, return walls and slabs were prefabricated and controlled for quality before transportation and installation. Experts and respected clients have acknowledged the procedure for quality of work, performance speed and beauty.