Construction of South Pars Gas Refinery Phase 12 Sea Water Intake

This project is related to phase 12 refinery of South Pars Field Development and is located in Tonbak Area 10 kilometers from Kangan in Bushehr Province. It includes water intake structure, concrete boxes for water transportation from the sea and a temporary jetty.

Refinery water intake and related concrete boxes are designed and built in order to transport sea water to the refinery for use in processing sour gas produced from the gas field under the sea and also to supply industrial water needed in the refinery. This unit is always considered as one of the crucial and major units of the refinery.
The water intake works included 130,000cu m excavation down to 10 m below sea level, sheet-piling of 400 m length and 12 m height, intake structure with 1000 tons rebar, 11,000 cum formwork and 9000 cu m concrete pouring.
Temporary jetty is built using the concrete precast technology for caisson pieces.


Project details


 Water Intake

excavation: 130,000 m3

Below sea level: 10m 

 Sheet-piling with 400 length

11000 m2 formwork