This was the first time that Iranian engineers have designed and constructed a dock in Iran. The dock is in the form of a caisson jetty and has been constructed in the Persian Gulf with a depth of more than 11.5 m

This jetty, which is 440 m long, was built in 10 months. It is considered as a vital component for the development of the expanding oil and gas industry in this region. The jetty is for services such as berthing of ships and barges with 25,000 tons capacity, and for unloading millions of tons of cargo, equipment, and heavy parts for the South Pars projects.

In order to install precast caissons in the sea from the land, Perlite designed and manufactured a special gantry crane with 1250 ton-meters capacity to lift and move large caissons in place. All stages of design, manufacture, assembling and operation were done by Perlite experts. The accuracy of this machine is remarkable.

The project also included the construction of the main breakwater for the harbor including a core, a toe, a filter, and installation of 16,044 pieces of tetra-pod and antifer. All work related to the design, manufacturing, fabrication, and operation was carried out by Perlite experts.

Project details

Location: Asaluyeh, Bushehr Province, Iran

Length 440m

Sea depth 11.5m

Number of Tetrapod  precast segments 16044 pieces