This bridge is located in the right-hand side of Resalat Tunnel portal and it aims to direct the one-way traffic from Argentina Square to Africa Highway. The bridge passes over the exits from Resalat highway to Argentina Square at one side and from Africa Highway to Resalat East at the other side. This bridge consists of three interconnected spans with 26.5 m long each and two cantilever type spans at both ends 6.13 m long. It has two 3.5 m traffic lanes and two 1.5 m pedestrian walkways.

In plan view, Africa Highway Bridge is an arc with 76 m radius and in the forefront there is a combination of arcs in each span. Finishing of columns, column heads and column drop panels are done based on Iranian traditional architecture. Bricks and precast concrete pieces are used beautifully for finishing the bridge face symbolizing rich Iranian cultural heritage. Both industrial and traditional techniques are adopted in harmony in design and construction of the bridge.

Project Details

Location: Afriqa Street, Tehran, Iran

Width 17m (2+1pedestrain lane each side)