Chahbahar – Konarak Road and Port Projects

Perlite started its activities in Chahbahar Region in 1984 with construction of 31000 meters main road within the Chahbahar - Konarak Marine Base. Later activities of Perlite in this area included:

• Landscaping and asphalt pavement of Fajr Township
• Part of streets and roads( base and asphalting) located within 10th Konarak Air Force Fighter Base.
• Asphalting Konark city streets.
• Asphalting and landscaping Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti Ports (350,000 square meters)
• Construction of Tabas Boulevard 3 kilometers long and 21 meters wide.
  Later activities of perlite in the region were:
• 2000 meters fencing with concrete stands.
• Building office headquarters.
• Construction of Customs Building
• Grand Bazar entrance hall and parking
• Construction of bank and other buildings within Chahbahar Free Industrial-Economic Zone
• Preparation of 600 hectares of Chahbahar Industrial Zone, which works consist of earth moving and embankment, sub-base, concreting curbs and pavements, open channels to direct surface water of the area.

In these activities streets from 20m to 85 m wide and intersection squares were predicted so that total length of streets reach 50,000m, main concrete channel 4070 m, earthmoving volume1,423,468 cu m, embankment 514,406 cu m, concrete work141,336 cu m, base volume 286,628 cu m, asphalting 103,483 cu m and landscaping 300 sq m.

Gumaco curbing machine was used for curbing boulevards and streets to make the job     faster, more economical and with higher quality.

Another noticeable activity of perlite in CHahbahar Free Economic Zone is construction of 45 m wide boulevard fromKonarak – Iranshahr intersection to the Guest House with the following specifications:

Length: 8490 m
Width: 30 – 85 m
Shilat Rd. length: 1483 m, 9.5 m wide
Ship-yard Rd. length: 1174 m, 11 m wide.
No. of bridges on the boulevard: 16

Project details

Location D

Area 1 m2

Term of Contract June