Design and construction of section 6/B of Chahbahar-Nikshahr-Iranshahr main road
(Bezman Intersection)

Total length of this section is 14+700 km, with 42 typical bridges and 2 bridges 20m long, one of which is steel-concrete arch bridge.

The road is 11 m wide with 7.30 m pavement and 1.85 m shoulder on each side and 45 m Legal boundaries. Minimum arch radii in plane areas is 400 m and in mountainous areas 250 m. All bridges of this section and sections 5 and 6 mentioned previously have been precast and installed, in order to enhance quality and observe higher specifications. Abutment walls and corbels of bridges were also prefabricated.

The objectives of this project have been the same as those for sections 5 and 6 with the same particularities.
Works on this project were finished in 2011 and completion date was 15.05.2011.

Project details

Overall length: 48.5 km D

average width: 11 m

Total number of bridges along the road: 164

Total number of tunnels along the road: 3

water intake

length of the block wall: 90 m

duration: 10 months