Given the multitude of oil products produced at the Bandar Abbas facility, it ranks among the first of its kind worldwide.

This refinery refines more than 232,000 barrels of crude oil per day.
Despite numerous earth quakes registered since the startup of the refinery, no damage has been reported. Both Snamprogetti of Italy and Chiyoda of Japan have hailed this project as one of the most valuable projects achieved in the field of engineering.

Construction of the Bandar Abbas Refinery serves as proof of the talent, innovation, and competence of Perlite Company engineers.

Perlite Company has put in place a new approach to use pre-cast concrete segments for the construction of the pipe racks. This had the positive effect to produce and install more than 2,700 segments of concrete beams and 1,300 segments of concrete columns in a period of 13 months.

This was the first time that an Iranian company has used pre-cast pipe rack segments and a record was set by accomplishing the job in 13 months.
Phase 1 of the project commenced in 1990 with earthworks, construction of channels, and installation of fencing and guard rail.

Phase 2 of the project which has been contracted to Perlite included civil works, public buildings, concrete structures, access roads, bridge construction, local fencing, concrete foundations, production and installation of pipe racks, concrete placement, and construction of a sewage treatment plant.

Project details

Location: BandarAbbas, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Production cap: 232000 (barrels of crude oil per day)

Industrial Reinforced concrete work: 170,000 m3

Road and access way: 25 km

Concrete Structure: 17,700 m2

Steel Structure: 24,400 m2

Auxiliary Structure: 17,000 m

Total Structure: 59,000 m2