Shahid Rajaee is a double curvature concrete arch dam which has been constructed on the Tajan River, 40 km south of Sari in Mazandaran Province.

The height of the dam is 137m and the length of the crest is 427 m, with a thickness of 27 m at the foundation level, and 7m at the crest. 37
The volume of concrete for the dam body and the hydraulic structures is 730,000 m3. The volume of excavated rock for the foundation and abutments is 450,000 m3.The grout curtain for the abutments is approximately 90,000 m2. It presents more than 105,000 m of drilling, and more than 8,000 tons of cement grout. The discharge rate of the 77 m free spillway is 1,000 m3/s.

The powerhouse consists of three generating units with a total installed capacity of 13.5 MW.

Project Details

Location:  Sari, Mazandaran Province, Iran

Height 137m

Concrete Volume of dam body 730,000 m3

Crest length 427 m