Seymareh Dam& Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Seymareh Dam site is located 106 km southeast of the city of Ilam. The mean annual discharge rate of the Seymareh River is 109.5 m3/s. Seymareh River is 417 km long and has a general slope of 3%. Seymareh Dam is one of the largest dams in Iran. The Seymareh Dam is a concrete double-curvature arch dam with a height of 180 m. The thickness of the structure is 25 m at the foundation level and 6 m at the crest elevation.

The length of the dam is 220 m at the crest elevation. The dam consists of 13 blocks.

The total volume of concrete is 700,000 m3, rock excavation 500,000 m3 and there are 8 grouting galleries with a total length of 4,600m and 750m for the access galleries. The project also included upstream and downstream coffer-dams, chute spillway and gated spillway.


Project Details

Location: Darreh Shahr County, Ilam Province, Iran

Height:180 m

Reservoir Volume 3200 million m3

Total Galleries length 4600 m