Chabahar Students Dormitory

This project has been built in Chahbahar Free Trade Zone District on an 80,000 m2 piece of land. The Dormitory consists of two building complexes, each having a central core and four branches in three floors.

Building area of each complex is 15,000 m2, totaling 30,000 m2. The buildings have concrete structures and ceilings have stringer joists. All other facilities including exterior decoration, finishing, air conditioning (split units), computer networking, library and cafeteria are considered for each building.

Landscaping of the entire area of Dormitories, earthworks, water distribution network, water storage tank and related equipment, waste water treatment system and electric post were also within the scope of Perlite Company.

Project Details

Location: Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

Construction Area 30,000 m2