Iran Mall Project

Iran Mall is one of the largest business centers in the Middle East with 1,200,000 m2 constructed area on 33 ha of land located on West Hemmat Highway in District 22 northwest of Tehran. Having 190,000 m2 in each floor, this project will be a fascinating center for business, cultural and sports activities with a large hotel. Closeness to Hemmat Highway provides a particular advantage to this building complex so that people can exit from the highway to each floor they want with easy access.
Site mobilization for this mega project is made as needed during construction, which includes 6000 m2 administrative offices, labor camp, soil and concrete labs, 8 megawatt powerhouse, maintenance shop, 2 batching plants (with 480 m3/hour concrete production capacity), 20 tower cranes and 292 pieces of heavy and light machinery and equipment.
Design and specifications of this project are based on special type concrete structure which requires 870,000 m3 concrete, 190,000 tons rebar and 380,000 m2 hollow core. Production of all hollow core parts for the project were finished in September 2014, before schedule.
Perlite registered its concreting record of 286,151 m3 in 2014 (23,846 m3/month ) in building Iran Mall and hotel. This exceeded the international concrete pouring record gained in building Dubai Mall which was 278,571 m3/year (23,214 m3/month ).

Project Details

Location: North-West Tehran, District 22, Iran

Area 1,700,000 m2

Concrete Volume