The Car Parking Building


The parking at the west of Iran Mall is built in 9 floors on a 210 *168 m area. This parking, like Iran Mall Parking No.1, is built by Perlite Company using all prefabricated parts. In this method all structural parts including columns, beams, slabs, non-structural parts such as wall panels are produced in prefabricated form in a fully controlled factory environment and then cured, maintained and inspected before being transported to the project site for installation.

It is important to note that the prefabricating unit is provided with a completely controlled environment in which manufacturing of structural parts takes place under conditions totally independent from climatic environment throughout the four seasons for continuous production. It is also possible to increase production by adding more units to increase supply of prefabricated parts if needed for the project and enhance product quality.

Particularities of manufacturing process for prefabricating concrete parts in Parking 2 include the following:

• Assigning work force to specific tasks which increases speed of operations

• Using mainly automated machinery and equipment for production of parts with required standards

• Factory production, leading to high efficiency, better quality and close inspection

Another important aspect worth mentioning in this method is close coordination between design and production programming, which reduces unnecessary repetitions. Thus all production stages such as design, programming, production and installation from beginning to the end are modelled in related computer software to prevent any ambiguity in the project, stop probable repetitions mishandling schedules and works progress.

In Parking 2 project, these improvements are noticeably achieved. 




Project Details

Area 210 *168 m