The Car Parking Building

The car parking building of Iran Mall has a unique six-floor structure that is 24,000 (300m x 80m) square meters, located under the fountain at the entrance of the Mall. It was built by using the modern methods of construction that Perlite Company has successfully developed to build the whole structure by using pre-fabricated concrete segments. This was done by producing pre-cast components outside of the project site in a pre-fabrication unit, and transporting them to the site for installation. Several benefits were achieved, such as increased construction speed, higher quality of work, and an enhanced façade aesthetic. In this project, 2,576 pre-cast components and 23,000 interior decorative parts were used.

The following are a few advantages of pre-cast concrete parts:

1. Structure remains unaffected by weather changes.

2. Improved efficiency of activities by eliminating traffic and personnel movements. 

3. Increased speed of project implementation.

4. Minimizing accidents and increasing safety by manufacturing the pre-cast parts in the factory as compared to in-situ concreting.

5. Reducing risks and waste of material and construction time.

6. Making efficient use of machinery and equipment in a controlled factory environment and thus maintaining the high quality of products.

7. Efficient monitoring.

8. Possibility of parallel productive activities with pre-cast construction methods in comparison with hierarchical activities with in-situ construction.




Project Details

Location: North-West Tehran, District 22, Iran

Area 1,700,000 m2

Concrete Volume